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"Fantastic Metallic"--Featuring Anne Jordan (Copper Work) and Gerry Gantt (Nature and Scenic Photography)!
For more examples of each artist's work please click or tap the thumbnail.
Featured Artist

Anne Jordan
Copper Work
Featured Artist

Gerry Gantt
Nature and Scenic Photography

Anne Rust Pearson

Marianne Cordyack

Gail Darnell

David and Dale Barnes
Art Glass

David Ernst
Art Photography

Jane Ernst
Art Photography

Sherri Johnson
Handbuilt Pottery

Steve Myles
Painting and Drawing

Bob Horowitz
Turned Wood

Tatiana Harr
Ribbon Embroidery

Sherry Chaples
Silver and Bronze Jewelry

Tina Kannapel
Eggshell Carving

Roger Frey
Printmaking and Painting

Abigail Binkey
Colored Pencil

Artists' Undertaking Gallery, 309 Mill St. Occoquan, Va. 22125, Phone 703-494-0584