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Roger Frey
Printmaking and Painting
Roger Frey Paintings and Drawings

Diana and Apollo Warming Up to Each Other

Blind Date

Diana Plays Hardball

Blue Moon Series - Cutoff Cutie

Three Graces in the 22nd Century

Blue Moon Series - Poetry in Motion

Diana and Apollo in France

Diana and Apollo with Plans

Diana and Apollo Resting

Diana and Apollo

Diana Running Free

Movement in Red

Beach Nymph

Woman Without a Red Vest

Meadow Maiden II

Front Row in Tights

Front Row

Chorus Line I

Woman Moving to the Right

Diana Leaning on Apollo

Tattooed Diana


The Gate Occoquan Bay

The Embrace

Farm Scene

Pope John Paul II

River Scene

Gesture Series #16

Gesture Series #18

Gesture Series #19

Artists' Undertaking Gallery, 309 Mill St. Occoquan, Va. 22125, Phone 703-494-0584