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Hours 11am - 5pm

7 days a week

Phone 703-494-0584

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Diann Root
Glass Mosaic
Creative Mosaics

Shades of Brown Mosaic Trivet

Shades of Brown Cubed Candle Holders

Shades of Blue Mosaic Trivet

Apple Mosaic Tray

Cherry Blossoms Mosaic Trivet

Moody Blues Mosaic Trivet

Daisy Mosaic Trivet

Flower Mosaic Box

Apple Mosaic Trivet

Green Mosaic Nested Trays

Red with Tan Trivet

Candle Holder
Brown Mosaic Trivet

Artists' Undertaking Gallery, 309 Mill St. Occoquan, Va. 22125, Phone 703-494-0584