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David and Dale Barnes
Art Glass
David Barnes Glass Studio

"Black Expanded"

"Catch the Wave"

"Red and Black Expanded"

"Blue Moves Bowl"

"White Triangles"

"Primordial Soup Bowl"

"Blue Bayou"

"Blue Waters Plate 3"

"Blue Fern"

"Fall Trees"

"Plaid Bubbles and Curves"

"Spring Garden"



"Rotten Apple"

"Marigold & Red Squiggle"

"Sun Birth"

"Bubble Memory"

"Rhapsody in Blue"

"Blue Bayou Bowl"

"Yellow Squiggles Bowl"

"Tree Of Life"

"Sunrise over Crater Lake"

"Willow Pond"

"Spring Trees"

"Summer Trees"

"Fall Trees"

"Four Seasons Plate"

"Winter Trees"

"Beach Treasures"
"Get in Gear"

Fan Pendant

Fan Pendant

Fan Pendant


Fan Pendant


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