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Featured Artist
Anne Rust Pearson
Artist's Statement and Biography
Featured Item
Tundra Swans in Winter
"Tundra Swans in Winter"
Featured Item
Bluebird Meadow
"Bluebird Meadow"
Ice Dreaming
"Ice Dreaming"
Peace in the Valley
"Peace in the Valley"
Shenandoah Valley Farm
"Shenandoah Valley Farm"
White Lightning
"White Lightning"
Sunset on Outer Banks
"Sunset on Outer Banks"
Setting Sun on Ocracoke Lighthouse
"Setting Sun on Ocracoke Lighthouse"
Ocean Memories
"Ocean Memories"
Country Road
"Country Road"
On Holiday
"On Holiday"
Picnicking Chipmunks
"Picnicking Chipmunks"
Yellowstone Elk Trail
"Yellowstone Elk Trail"
My Ebony
"My Ebony"
Flying Hig
"Flying High"
Longboat Sunset
"Longboat Sunset"
Working Dogs
"Working Dogs"
Shenandoah Blue Jay
"Shenandoah Blue Jay"
New Life
"New Life"







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